Lord thank you for this beautiful day with you loving us , protecting us and taking care of us .

Thank you Lord for the love and amazing grace. Thank you for the gift of life and for being always with us celebrating the beauty of every day with joy and gratefulness .

Thank you for continuously loving us with joy and abundance . We are so happy because you are with us Lord .

To God be the glory ….we are because God love us first

Thank you Lord for life and joy ,

for family , for work,

for Popsy , for Daniel,

for Cathy and Tin ,

for parents, for brothers and sisters,

for nieces and nephews ,

for Titas and cousins ,

for financial blessings , for food,

for clean water ,

for material possessions .

Thank you for everyday challenges ,

for blessings , for worries ,

for deadlines and assignments ,

for work and responsibilities ,

for fun and joy .

Thank you so much Lord for TODAY…. we love you with all our heart

My dearest ,

I bet you could feel Christmas presence down at the busy avenues , in the coolness of the morning breeze , with the Christmas carols being played on the radio and at the old Christmas tree at home . Remember Dad and Mom playing to be our Santa Claus ? And yet the city ‘s still filled with heartless and cold human beings . So sad got no special someone to whom I could offer even a stick of lollipops . …

Offhand, it may seem absurb. But come to think of it, do you really know who you are ? We assume that we know who we are but when we are asked to answer certain questions like, What is your Purpose in Life ?, What are your Core Gifts ? , What are your Strengths ? You are at a lost for words.

As the cliche goes, we can not give what we don’t have. So for a start, we have to get to know who we are. Take the time to understand who you are. …

Still reading the book of Deepak Chopra , The Third Jesus and studying the 15 steps to God Consciousness and the next step is Ask and you will receive .

This is a promise from Jesus , and we have to rely on His Word that when we ask we will receive . And most of the time we just rely on ourselves and expect God to know our needs. So this time Jesus is asking us to Ask so we will receive . God wants us to be humble enough to ask God for our provisions .

Exercise :

So happy the other day talking to my Tita Leony , who is from the US thru Facebook Messenger video call, just telling everyday stories . Then afterwards Cathy , my daughter from Abu Dhabi , through his father’s cellular phone , called up too . Just conversing about the Journal set for beginners that she bought for me from Shopee, that I was so happy with my haul for my art journals . The battery went dead so the conversations was cut off . So happy to hear Cathy’s voice .

These ordinary conversations no matter how short or…

Hi everyone so happy last Saturday …got to spend the day with baby Alonzo. He was so amaze with the dinosaur’s eggs. Initially seems scared with the giant dinosaurs but when he got the feel of it he was so happy . He keep coming back to the dinosaur’s eggs playing hide and seek . It was truly amazing spending such a grand and jolly time with this kid. He is so adorable and responsive .

Hoping to having another grand day with our baby Alonzo…while he is so young ….because pretty soon when he gets bigger he will have other interests in his life .

There are moments in every life that are disruptive . Moving through life tasks can be crowded with difficulty and anxiety . Inner turmoil can be created that can make one feel disconnected and chaotic .

If you find yourself in that place , stop for a moment and just breathe deeply . Find that calm place even if you feel you grip upon it is tenuous . With each breathe you take see your hold on it becoming stronger until you are able to continue moving through the experience .

You did not incarnate to fail . You came…

Our times has changed we can no longer go out to shop , to vacation or simply to dine out even without an occasion . We are kept in our house for home quarantine as a safety precaution . It has been over four (4) months now that we are home quarantine . Some have anxiety attacks or even panic attacks just because of home quarantine and being restricted in their movements . Of course , you are also missing friends , family , relatives for their companionship , their love , their hugs .

As a result , there…

is a two way street
If it is not fed
from both sides,
it will atrophy

Why do I
always have to make
the phone calls ?
How come
you never call me ?
this kind of complaint
is a bad omen
corrosion has set in
because there is
no real exchange

We have to
have time
for our friends
We must be

It is so easy
to plead
a multitude of demands
on our time

How important are these demands ? …

Marian Santos

HR practitioner, blogger, God's Champion

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