Mind Healing ( Your Mind Can Heal )

Our mind can make us sick. You see evidence of this in our every day work and responsibilities. Our “monkey” mind keeps on jumping from one idea or thought to another causing us to be confused and stressed out.

Sometimes, or most of the time we end up not finishing anything because of too much multi-tasking. We become jack of all trades but master of nothing.

Accomplishing nothing, we are pressured to perform and to deliver outcome. Since we can not produce the required outcome, we become sick to cope with the demands of work and our company’s expectation.

Easier to say, that I can not report to work because I am sick. Rather than say, I can not report because I can not deliver what is expected of me. Ouch !

Haven’t you noticed we have a lot of incidence of ADHD cases ? Kids can’t focus, they have a lot of stimulation in their environment and they can not be still in one place or task.

Since we are not delivering results, we feel bad and our self esteem becomes affected. We think we are not good enough and the more our performance suffers. Worse, we become sick — tension headaches, migraine, hypertension and other chronic diseases.

We tried traditional medications but the results are temporary but the symptoms are recurring.

It is all because our mind is the one who is sick. So alternative therapies advocate quieting our “monkey” minds through relaxation, meditation and prayers. Research shows dramatic results of healing using these various mind tools.

So healing begins with the mind first. We must have the intention to get well. Conventional medicines merely suppress the symptoms but if we do not address the root cause of our sickness , we fail to have complete healing.

Visualization techniques let you see in your “mind’s eyes” that you are healed or that you are healthy and strong. Visualization is a powerful tool in mind healing.

Our mind can do everything for us. We just have to tell it specifically what we want to happen.

When I was still a Psychology student in college, we learned from Sigmund Freud that our mind has two components : the conscious and the unconscious/subconscious. He even compared the conscious mind to an iceberg where only 10% is visible and the 90% which is the subconscious mind is submerged.

This 90% which comprise the subconscious mind, is the one we can use for healing. Without the power of our mind, complete healing is not possible.

In the book, Minding the Body, Mending the Mind by Dr. Borysenko, she talks of Milton Erikson, a famous psychiatrist, who became paralyzed when he was young because of polio but was able to recover from his paralysis through the use of the power of his mind.

One day while still paralyze he was left tied at the rocking chair at home but he would like to go to the window and see the view outside, through his desire to go near the window he notice that the rocking chair moves so the more he concentrate with this desire the more the chair moves so becoming aware of this power of his mind, he used this to heal his paralysis.

We really have to understand how our mind works. You can use positive affirmations and visualizations to influence our subconscious mind, where repressed emotions are. To be effective, affirmations must be simple, easy to recall and believable. You have to repeat your affirmations daily to be effective.

Examples of daily affirmations :

I am healthy and strong.

I am willing to change my eating habits and lifestyle.

These positive affirmations can change our negative thoughts to positive ones.

In 2004, I was diagnose with ovarian cyst and endometriosis, and the doctor’s recommendation was hysterectomy. I got scared so I did my own research and did not just rely on the doctor’s evaluation. Because of the information I got, I decided not to have the surgery recommended by the doctor. What I did , I prayed every day to the Blessed Virgin Mary using the novena for the Mother of Perpetual Help and asked for healing . When I went back to the doctor after six(6) months, the cyst was gone. Miracle still happen in our midst., We just have to ask for it.

Only you can help yourself to heal, only you can change your thinking process. The road to healing is not easy, we may encounter obstacles and hurdles . But with your determination to heal, you can overcome all these obstacles .

Your thoughts create your reality. So we have to be careful with what we conditioned our mind to be.

Based on our physiology, our mind is our brain. So to heal, our brain should be healthy. so how do we have healthy brain ?

A healthy brain has to be relaxed, which we can achieved through meditation. Because meditation creates a state of calmness to relax both our mind and our body, creating an environment conducive to mind healing.

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